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Forsaken Shade

Odren’s Unrest – Book Four
A Sevenworlds Novel
mmf fantasy romance

The First Gate is lost.

Koana of Amste has trained to become concubine in the Shah of Oril’s harem for the last three cycles only to have him die, days before her debut. Educated since childhood in the ways of seduction and self-defense, Koana is a skilled pick-pocket, seductress, and a deadly assassin. Only, the man she’d been ready to kill is already dead and the new Shah announced he will not take a harem.

Marai Jum never wanted to be Shah but he had to stop the corruption that festered in his beloved territory. Odren was dying, Marai felt the threat in the air and heard whispers from Basa the Forsaken, patron god of Oril. To save his territory, to help Amendal Empire, and restore the world of Odren he vows to take no harem, enjoy no luxuries, and indulge in no lusts. He thought it would be easy, until a beautiful temptress tried to kill him and an assassin from the Holy Order saves his life.

Ki Nakfu is shade-master, assassin of the highest order, and he has forsaken his vows. The Ukasha Records, sacred scriptures contained in the ether containing all knowledge of the universe, have been rewritten. It is his mission to find the man who is responsible. To do so, he must relocate the lost Gate, the First, which leads to Pelus, the Inner World. But for his mission to succeed he will need the help of Marai and Koana even if he has to seduce them to get it.