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Immaculate Rising

Odren’s Unrest – Book Three
A Sevenworlds Novel
mmf fantasy romance

The Sevenworlds are breaking apart.

Ged of Amste is the captain of Amara’s Burden, a schooner he won in a bet eight cycles before. His only goal is to hold on to it and keep the crew alive. Until he comes across a mysterious man being held captive at the market in Haldon. Knowing what it’s like to be taken and held against your will, Ged buys the man and offers him freedom. Only, he didn’t expect the stranger to be from another world.

Rais Mano Driel, a Lilfin from Cedal, has come through the worldportal to find a solution to the demise of his world. Lilfin are a race of humanoids who survive by sharing life-energy, given with touch. No one has touched Rais since his partner, Enan, died the night they arrived on this strange new world. Rais is starving to death and the only thing that will save him is the touch of another. Unfortunately, the only one willing to help is also a merciless pirate headed to the frozen lands.

Annari is tainted. She cannot escape the sins of her parents. Raised by the Sisters of the Immaculate and trained as a holy postulate of Savi, the Purifier, she is forever stigmatized as the illegal daughter of Wrongdoers. She struggles everyday to control the fire of rebelliousness in her spirit and to tame the wickedness that pushes her to touch. The last thing she expects is to meet two strangers who make her feel worthy of love.

When the mummified body of Galre’s king is discovered, the secret of the Frozen King’s absence for the last thirteen cycles is revealed. Ged, Rais, and Annari must flee the frozen lands before the shade-master, who has been controlling the populace in secret, brings his darkness down upon them.