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Imperious Shroud

Odren’s Unrest – Book Two
A Sevenworlds Novel
mmf fantasy romance

Odren is dying.

Derio Vetar knows the value of family. His is gone. His position as emissary for Amendal is all he’s got. His mission? To gather information on the enemy forces and protect the empire at all costs. But Derio has lost every lead and the only one who can help him is also the only man who has more secrets than Derio himself.

Adnan Rathiel is not a hero – to him rules are made to be broken. On the run for most of his life, he survives as a mercenary and reluctant informant to the alluring spy. When the two unlikely allies rescue Ealyn, a Hynae woman searching for her father, from a brutal attack they are both drawn to her and her quest for answers.

Through the mountains and deserts of Odren, one truth becomes clear – the world is dying. Their questions demand they find the mythical Seer of All Things. But when the Oracle speaks of family, which of them is her message for: the mercenary who never had one, the spy who lost his, or the woman who has fallen for the two battle hardened men of Amendal?