Abounding Dawn Release Day!

It’s here! It’s here!

Abounding Dawn is finally here.

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Bind the Chalice and harness the dragons… Josie returns to her birthplace and is named the Chalice, destined bride to Amendal’s two kings. But no matter how attracted she is to both men, the fate of the kingdom is not her problem.

With their nation threatened by war, the kings, Brax and Finn, must summon their mythical dragon forms to save their people. But with Brax tormented by a lifelong indoctrination against same-sex coupling, and Finn crippled by the fear of being unworthy, a true union seems impossible. Without it, they are left with no weapon to stop the tide of death.

When the final battle erupts, the kings fight to protect their fleeing citizens, but their army is a meager defense against the enemy’s dark magick.

An impending war. Two kings desperate to save their people. A centuries old legend. And the woman who unites them all.

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